Daniel Whiffing



I am proficient with ES6 (Javascript), Ruby, Lua, and AS3. I also have experience with Java, and PHP.

I've used Node.js when working with ES6 for the past 2 years, and have also worked on Rails applications. I am well versed with current web front-end technologies, including React and Angular, as well as Redux, Backbone, jQuery, and SCSS.

I like to have a diverse tool kit for my node projects, and I regularly make use of Babel and Webkit for quick recurring builds and ES6 support. I use mocha/sinon/chai for testing, and have been playing around with Wallaby for constant coverage reporting within my editor. But I'm not afraid to eschew all these tools when necessary.

I've done game development for the web for many years, and have made games with AS2, AS3, JavaScript, Lua, and Java.

More recently, I've been developing game prototypes using Phaser, focusing on simple, action based game mechanics. I've created prototypes for a variety of web game meetups and competitions, including Global Game Jam (3 years), TO Jam (2 years), JS13k (2 years), and Ludum Dare (1 year).

I've been using the lessons learned from TDD in my full time work to begin Unit and End to End testing for HTML 5 games. I've found this gives a nice flow to my work, helping me to better understand precisely what I am trying to create.

I've been trained as an artist, and am very experienced as a painter. I've also been trained as a designer, and try to consider UX as much as possible while developing.

I am passionate about making games that start simple but become complex over time.

Some of my favorite games right now are Hoplite, Desert Golfing, and Factorio

Employment History

Full Stack Developer - Avid Life Media. 2012 - Present.

Game Developer/Designer - Extra Extra Games. 2013 - 2014.